XRTG Rooftop Gateway

For applications requiring maximum coverage and/or better into-building penetration the XRTG delivers. It provides over 700 meters line of sight coverage by use of a XMAK multi-polarity antenna which is directly mounted on the weatherproof housing to ensure no signal is lost (a typical 5m coax cable connection loses over 3dB). The IP55 rated weatherproof device is intended to be mounted externally on the roof area of a vehicle and includes stainless steel bracketing to suit most roof racks.

Externally mounted, the unit can continue to operate up to 90ºC. A 5.2m long interface cable terminated in an IP67 rated waterproof RJ45 on one end and standard shielded RJ45 on the other is included in the package for connection to the internally mounted host mobile radio.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRS

Warehouse – Sport Pavillion

The compact rugged design also make it ideal for mounting on a warehouse or factory roof or perhaps a school sport or assembly pavilion when X10DR’s are used to provide a standalone AES secure license free on-site communication system. Strategic placement of XTRG units can allow multiple handsets to communicate freely within the area.

In these applications the XTRC interface cables can be extended up to 100 meters. Multiple devices can be connected to allow 3-6-9 or more handset to operate locally on their own exclusive FHSS created digital communications channel.

Single and 6 way desktop chargers are available to charge handsets in addition to the X10DRMC Mobile Charger.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRS