XRD Shoulder Radio

Wireless Pacific’s highly versatile XRD IP67 Waterproof Shoulder Radios can help your organisation achieve higher levels of safety and effectiveness in your workplace at a price that makes sense!

– Combined radio and speaker mic
– Mission critical grade reliability
– Private communications
– License free operation
– Excellent coverage
– Lightweight wearable wireless
– Simple and easy to use
– Voice announcements
– No ongoing call costs
– Loud clear audio


X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRS

Two-way radio keeps all your team on the same page

Two-way radio is specifically designed for groups or work teams who need to communicate quickly. With a simple press of a “PTT” (push to talk) button, two-way radio allows instant clear communications between two, twenty, fifty or even more people – it’s that simple. Everyone in the team share the same information so everyone can better work and respond as a team.

Regardless of the size of  an operation, business professionals know effective two-way radio communications can dramatically improve workplace safety and  productivity, better helping you meet your clients and customers needs more efficiently than any other type of wireless communications.

Wireless Pacific’s new highly versatile XRD Shoulder Radios can help your organisation achieve higher levels of productivity and effectiveness in your workplace at a price that makes sense!

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRSX10DR Digital Vehicular Repeaters DVRS

Press the red on/off button until you hear “Power On” and the selected channel number. Now clip your Radio to your shoulder area where you will get the best performance. To turn off: Simply press red on/off button again until you hear power off tone.

Change Channels
Press the top left / right grey buttons until you hear the desired channel number. Now use as desired.

Adjust Volume
Press the blue up or down buttons for your desired listening audio level.

To Communicate
Always listen first or observe status light is not glowing green to ensure the radio channel is not in use.Press the PTT button, status light will glow red, while speaking close (~2cm) to the front panel* microphone.Talk in a clear, normal loudness voice. Never yell.Release the PTT button to listen.(*or accessory mic if one is attached)


two way radio

XRD Shoulder Radio

– Simple, no fuss, talk and listen operation.
– 16 commerce ready, voice channels with voice annunciation.
– Licence free, UHF professional two way radio performance.
– IP67 Waterproof rated for use in any work environment.
– Meets Mil Std 810 Shock and Vibration specifications.
– 1 watt power to minimise personal RF exposure.
– Wear radio on shoulder for maximum coverage range*
– Voice privacy system to reduce interference from others.
– Audio port for a headset or other specialist audio accessory.
– 3.5mm earpiece jack for added conversational privacy.
– 1 minute transmit timer limiter.
– Low battery alert tone

x10dr vehicular repeater