GO Pro™ DMR Professional Digital Radio


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• DMR digital and analog         • 500 mW speaker audio

• Digital voice encryption         • Embedded colour display

• Industrial grade design.         • IP-54 rated water/dust

• Premium quality design.        • 2200mA Li-POL battery

• 250 channel                           • Voice annunciation

• AC desktop charger               • 1 year warranty

 Industrial standard – Premium quality:

From inception to production, every detail of the GO Pro has been finely crafted to provide superior performance with the utmost reliability. It is built to a standard which has traditionally only been associated with digital radios typically costing $1000 or more. Besides global technical compliance, the GO Pro radio is designed to meet IP-54 weatherproof environmental conditions as well as shock, vibration and other operational environmental endurance. Naturally, it features a rock-solid, aluminium die-cast chassis with an ultra-rugged, high impact, polymer blend housing making it the perfect choice for the most extreme weather conditions wherever your business takes you.

Go Pro DMR radio

Digital Voice Privacy:

Privacy is a concern for most organisations today whether that be in protecting clients details or sharing company processes, records or sensitive company knowledge. The GO Pro can be configured with a unique encryption key that means only your radios can listen to your conversations. The advanced digital encryption delivers the same clear audio that you get from the GO Pro in its standard digital audio mode delivery voice privacy without compromise.

500 mWatts RMS Audio Output:

The GO Pro radio delivers outstanding speaker audio. The audio is crystal clear and at full volume delivers more audio than most users will ever need even in the noisiest of situations.

 “Magic” Display:

The Go Pro futures an innovative “magic” front panel display that only appears when needed. Power up the unit and it magically appears to provide you with the working status of your radio. Press the up down side buttons to change channels and it’s immediately there to tell you of your selected channel group. Press the side PTT button and it appears to instantly remind you of what channel you are talking on.

Go Pro DMR radio

Ultra-Light Wearable Wireless:

For many years hand held portable radios have unfortunately in may cases been more than handful. Wireless Pacific’s ultra-light miniature GO Pro DMR digital/analog radio will re-define what users mean when they ask for a portable. It measures just 137mm from its rock solid base to the tip of its integrated high performance antenna. Weighing in at around 128 grams, it truly exemplifies what is being coined wearable wireless.

Whether you keep Go Pro in your pocket, wear it on your belt, hang it from the supplied wrist strap, wear it around your neck on a lanyard or if your in the construction business, clipped to a safety hard hat, Go Pro is the smart easy to use, easy to carry, radio communications device that not only will have your team talking but projecting your organisation as a technologically savvy and astute purchaser.

Small in size, they deliver big on performance with technical specifications that are nothing less than exemplary for a hand held radio portable radio regardless of size. You can talk all day with the “green” replaceable huge 2200mA Li-Ion battery! In fact your Go Pro can typically communicate for around 14 straight hours in digital mode before it requires a re-charge. Need 24 hour operation?  Simply clip on replacement battery. Smaller in volume than a box of matches, Go Pro batteries can be easily carried in a pocket or anywhere else convenient. Oh and if you’re out in the car and you haven’t got the desktop charger with you, then simply plug in a USB-C cable directly into the battery for a quick top up.

Go Pro DMR radio


A range of premium accessories allow you to get the most out of your GO Pro radio and are designed to help you to work easy and work safe. 

Wireless Pacific iTRQ™ advanced ear microphone system are an industry standard and allow personal issue of a variety of comfortable earpieces so hygiene and OH&S duty of care is addressed while ensuring your conversations stay private. Looking for something more simple? Our WPSSM-K in-line ear microphone kits with replaceable earpieces for personal staff issue are another great choice.

Our stylish lightweight WPMAD-K headsets are ideal for stock take and office duties and delivers day long comfort and excellent intelligibility and feature a noise cancelling microphone. 

Our WPSHD-K noise cancelling heavy duty headset provide excellent hearing protection in the most extreme noise environments while ensuring every message come through loud and clear. 

Talk to your GO Pro sales representative about what accessories will suit your specific operational needs.

Go Pro DMR radio
Go Pro DMR radio