iTRQ™ – The Industry Standard

Premium Ear Microphone that saves you money and maintains hygiene

Wireless Pacific’s professional iTRQ advanced ear microphones are designed to allow you to leave the whisper clear microphone harness permanently attached to the radio and simply swap earpieces when users change shifts. The patented twist and lock 2.5mm earpiece connection eliminates wear on the radio’s accessory connector, hence improving long term reliability and reducing long term radio maintenance costs.

The patented design allows you to save money while satisfying duty of care OH&S compliance. When personal issue costs exceed your operational budget you can choose to just buy one iTRQ accessory per radio and then choose from a variety of inexpensive, comfortable earpieces to suit the personal preference of every staff member. Personal issue of earpieces is not only essential for hygiene, and occupational health and safety compliance but helps increase user accountability and keeps team morale high. When you need to talk, you can count on iTRQ.




iTRQ™ ensuring OH&S compliance

Built for mission critical and business alike

The high quality, durability and reliability of the iTRQ advanced ear microphone is the result of an impeccable design approach to meet the highest standards required by government agencies and law enforcement officers working in critical scenarios. Professional business users can feel assured that you are getting the same superior industrial class dependability and performance, no matter the size or type of your operation.

Stylish lapel microphone – Twist & Lock™ earpieces

Reliable 4mm cable – Crystal clear audio

Patented design – OH&S friendly


Earpieces for everyone’s taste

Now Wireless Pacific brings you even more choice. Our expanded range of plug-in earpieces deliver exceptional performance and are available in 2.5mm twist & lock, 3.5mm standard fit, or 3.5mm threaded “V” series versions. Economically priced, they keep personal issue costs down while keeping workplace hygiene and employee morale high (whilst ensuring your OH&S duty of care imperatives). Every earpiece can be comfortably worn all day long and feels like it melts away within moments of fitting. Accessories that deliver feel good, crystal clear audio are priced so you can choose what best suits your operational needs without compromising your budget.

two way radio

Choosing the right headset

No matter what portable radio you have chosen, equipping it with the right audio accessory is when your investment really pays off. Some accessories are great for general everyday communications but if your staff need to operate in high noise environments then a headset might be what you need. Wireless Pacific have a range of headsets to suit the most demanding task, whether your people work in a timber mill, maintain an assembly line, crew for Nascar or provide stage security at a Megadeath concert, you can be secure knowing our headsets are built to do the job and keep everyone talking. Always choose the right headset for the environment you work in taking note of the need to ensure adequate hearing protection for your staff at all times.

Lightweight Noise Cancelling

Our premium noise cancelling Lightweight headset provides excellent transmission quality with minimal background noise so your message comes through loud and clear every time. Designed for all day wear, they provide clear communications in all work environments. The rugged, in-line WPPTT adaptor cables and the smart high-low volume switch provides greater convenience especially when your hands are already busy. Models are available for not only most popular portable radios, but also to suit mobile vehicle and RF Control office applications.

Two way radio headsets

Smart Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling

Our noise cancelling Smart Heavy Duty headsets provide excellent transmission quality in extreme or high noise environments so your messages come through loud and clear every time. Designed for use with or without a safety helmet, the dual muff design also provides clear reception in almost all work environments by blocking out high levels of background noise from the users ears. The on-cup secondary PTT help ensure ease of communications in even the most demanding applications. A black canvas type carry bag is optionally available for work site storage or to help protect when transferred from venue to venue.

The SHD series features a folding arm microphone and come in “safety yellow” to alert others that the user has reduced ambient listening and may not hear an approaching vehicle. They also include an on-cup volume control and a 3.5mm secondary audio jack for connection to an iPod® or racing scanner. They can also be further enhanced by ordering the extreme noise dynamic microphone option with 24dB NRR so you’ll be heard loud and clear, even down in the pit amongst race cars or standing by blaring PA sound systems.

Motorcycle headsets

Designed for the demands Law Enforcement, our Motorcycle headsets are crafted to allow easy fitment to most open and closed face helmets. Delivering clean clear communications in any noise environment whether that be in pursuit on a crowded highway or simply on escort in a noisy crowded city street, your microphone communications comes though loud and clear along with sharp and clean headset reception. Both headset speakers and the microphone attach by Velcro® in the Closed version while the open helmet version requires the support of your helmet support team to attached the adjustable mount arm to the users optimum desired position. Bothe model cables are terminated with a Hirose® HR10 connector ready for direct connection to X10DR, an in-line PTT accessory or other compatible device.

Two way radio

WPIPB/XIPB – In-Line PTT adaptors

PTT adaptors are used to connect a number of headsets to the side accessory connector on your portable radio. They are built tough for the most demanding industrial applications using the finest materials and manufacturing techniques. Depending on your specific application one may be more suitable or allow you to operate more effectively or enhance the users safety.

The WPIPB PTT adaptors are designed for use with Wireless Pacific headsets and other audio accessories that use the X10 suffix. They provide a large in-line PTT button and use moulded connectors for rugged reliability and a rugged model specific, portable radio connector. The XIPB adaptor is designed to be used with devices using Hirose HR10 connectors such as X10DR® and other compatible products. For use with the WPSHD, a WPSHC-X10 curly cable is also required.

Two way radio

WPRSM Compact

Remote Speaker Mic

Our rugged compact IP67 waterproof Remote Speaker Microphones deliver outstanding audio. They are built to withstand driving rain and are designed especially to be highly drop resilient while the microphone head is rated to IP67 submersion capability for up to 30 minutews in oine meter of water. Ideal for tactical and emergency response, the *IP67 rating means that the microphone head is totally protected from dust and can be submerged in water to 1m for up to 30 minutes without any leakage. Engineered to suit all traditional demanding two way applications, they provide for greater flexibility and convenience. The units feature a rugged belt clip that can be rotated to any convenient position and feature a high tactile PTT button.

Two way radio

WPWNC Heavy Duty

Remote Speaker Mic

The high quality, durability and reliability of the WPWNC heavy duty noise cancelling microphone has been designed to meet the highest standards required by government agencies and law enforcement officers working in critical scenarios. We use the strongest of shock resistant polymer blend housings, tough resilient curly cables and precision tooled connectors for premium performance. The professional and commercial user can feel assured that you are getting the same industrial class dependability and performance, no matter the size or type of your operation

Two way radio

TeamTRQ2™  Six Way

Continuous Communications

TeamTRQ2 6B6 systems deliver full  duplex, hands free digital wireless communications for teams within a 1000 meter area. The 6B6 devices are extremely lightweight and can be comfortably worn clipped to helmets, shirt pockets, epaulets, uniforms and work vests. Having only a volume control and ON/OFF button, it is designed exclusively for professional operators and is totally plug and play.

X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater DVRS

TeamTRQ2™ – How it Works

This license free system provides easy to use private digital communications for up to 6 operators all in an open continuous conference call.

Model specific interface cables allows easy connection to leading industry hearing protection headsets and other well established industrial audio accessories. The actual 6B6 devices are ultra-rugged and waterproof and naturally include re-chargeable Li-Ion batteries which will typically deliver up to 12 hours operation between charge cycles.