Call Attend™ allows your customers to simply push a button when they need assistance. Your two-way radio-equipped personnel will be immediately alerted with a clear, voice message so that they can provide prompt personalised customer service.

Call Attend is a battery powered wall-mountable call box that communicates wirelessly to your existing portable radio system. It can work with existing analog or digital two way radios. 

Should you desire, custom labelling and messages are available. You can even record your own messages! Naturally, you can operate as many boxes as your store or business needs. 

Each call box also allows connection of an external sensor to send a pre-recorded message. This might be used for example; to let you know someone has just walked into the store or perhaps, entered an out of bounds staff only area.

The Call Attend unit comes complete with an AC power pack for recharging. Voice announcements over your radio system will advise when charging is needed or when AC power is connected.




Increase customer satisfaction – Boost staff productivity

Customer Call boxes are great communications tools for all sorts of business operations. They are ideal for busy retail stores where staff maybe tending other customers els where in the store and as we all know, a customer can be easily lost without the right timely responsiveness. Customer Call Boxes are also effective customer care tools in those very large floor plan stores such as department stores or those retail outlets with both internal and external sales areas such as garden centres or hardware stores. Highly visible, they allow your valued customers to silently send a message over the staff portable radio system advise the location and type of request based on the stored voice message. Custom voice messages can be pre-recorded so each Call Box specifically lets your staff know how to respond. To enhance store security they can also be connected to remote sensors so for example your staff gets immediately alerted if someone has entered a restricted area.

sales assistants


Duty of Care – Social Responsibility

While most of us have access to a mobile phone there are still numerous situations where duty of care demands that organizations provide facilities to call for assistance in the event of health or other personal mishap. Call Assist Call boxes can provide a vital link with your response personnel so appropriate actions can be put immediately in place.  In additionally to the standard Call Assist call box enclosure an optional external weatherproof configuration is available. Due to the minute requirement for electrical power the Call Assist call box can be easily supported with small solar panels when installed in remote locations or where aesthetics are important such as at a golf course. Models are available to support most known radio system configurations. Business professionals know effective two-way radio communications can dramatically improve workplace safety and productivity, better helping you meet your clients and customers needs more efficiently than any other type of wireless communications.

Wireless Pacific’s new highly versatile Call Assist™ call box can help your organisation achieve higher levels of productivity, security and effectiveness in your point of service delivery at a price that makes sense!




WPCA-UA Analog UHF Call Box

WPCA-UD DMR Digital UHF Call Box

WPCA-UN NXDN Digital UHF Call Box

WPCA-UW Go Lite Digital Call Box*

WPCA-UP P25 Digital Call Box


CA-CL Custom label

CA-CM Custom message

CA-EH External weatherproof housing

CA-C10 Remote input interface cable, 10 meters


All models include: 

– 12V AC/DC plug pack

– ACMA approved radio transceiver