PWC are passionate about supporting professional two way radio channel partners with innovation accessories to create value with their customers.

Since our foundation, we have been passionate about supporting two way radio dealers and channel partners all around Australia with a huge range of innovative accessories. We are proud to partner with Australian two way radios dealers, to help them create long-lasting, rewardable relationships with their customers. To do so, we have introduced notable innovations into the two way radio supply chain at a price point which allows dealers to create genuine value with their customers.

Some notable supply chain innovations:

There is no better solution, than a solution that has been developed with real world people, facing real world problems. One proud instance of our customer driven approach, was when PWC sat down with the end user of two way radio products (a major Australian Casino) who had problems with their existing accessories used by their large fleet of staff. PWC had round table workgroups with the end user, in addition to collaborating with the two way radio dealer who supplied the end user, and the original manufacturer of the two way radios used by the end user, to design and develop a solution based on their exact requirements. Upon completion of these workgroups PWC in conjunction with Wireless Pacific, proudly announced the iTRQ premium ear microphone. This world first innovation allows the end user to buy ear microphones whilst allowing earpieces to be purchased separately. The earpieces simply plug into the iTRQ which delivers multiple benefits: an organisation can personal issue low cost earpieces to achieve OH&S requirements, allows the organisation to give staff earpieces based on application and personal comfort, and lowers overall ongoing replacements costs. The iTRQ is a winning innovation and is today available to all two way radio dealers around the country.

PWC put an end to the toxic Nickel Cadmium battery technology that manufacturers pushed onto two way radio dealers.

This was battery technology which were not only more expensive for the customer, but delivered very poor radio performance, and caused serious environmental problems once they reached their end of life. PWC is proud to have lead the industry to adopt Lithium Ion batteries, which performed better so dealers could create relationships built on trust. Moreover, they were better priced than the toxic alternative, so two way radio dealers could generate greater profits by offering more innovation to their customers. PWC acknowledged that due to the manufacturer two way radio design limitations, some radios were unable to accept Lithium Ion batteries. Therefore PWC introduced to the market long-life Ni-MH batteries that allowed the customer to have up to 1000 recharges in a single battery, backed by a 24 month warranty. Two way radio dealers could deliver double the capacity, double the warranty at half the price. We are proud to have broken the toxic battery status quo, if the outcome is greater value for the supply chain of our two way radio dealers located all around Australia.

PWC have introduced multi-chemistry smart chargers, that were not only significantly better priced for our dealers, but allowed customers for the first time to mix and match charging pods, to charge different battery chemistries but also different radios at the same time.

In addition, for the first time ever, customers could now charge up to 12 batteries in the one charger. Finally two way radio dealers could lower the costs to win bigger projects, but also deliver greater innovation and charging options to the customer.

PWC have delivered greater value to our two way radio dealers via the introduction of innovative headsets.

For the first time, customers were able to have headsets that were designed to OH&S standards and added additional functionality, such as the ability to plug in MP3 devices, multiple PTT buttons and volume controls. Two Way radio dealers were again able to create far greater value and deliver innovation for their customers.

PWC is proud support our two way radio channel partners nationwide by creating greater value in their supply chain through the introduction of technology that is innovative and allows our partners to create more rewarding relationships with their customers.