PWC enable, enhance and protect radio communications at all levels of Federal and State Governments.

Without an effective stable government, order cannot be maintained, commerce cannot flourish, the nation cannot progress. PWC understand that in order to uphold the nation’s stability, the government must walk the thin line between ensuring that their operational solutions remain technologically advanced yet these solutions must equally be proven, reliable and dependable in all circumstances. PWC understand this balance implicitly and is why today we continue to be privileged to work with the Federal and State Governments.

We work to design, develop and implement boutique radio communication solutions that enable, enhance, and protect the government’s ability to communicate.

Since our very early days, PWC takes great pride in the long standing relationships we have developed and nurtured with Government agencies across this great land.

Our involvement includes development of unique wireless solutions for law enforcement both nationally and at a state level, along with Fire, Ambulance and State Emergency service organisations. We also have successful relationships with National Parks and Environment Departments in various states and other government agencies. We have built custom communications trailers, tactical response equipment, custom accessories and bespoke interface wiring harnesses for Motorcycle users. If an agency needs a custom solution to achieve their organisations objectives, PWC stand ready to support all Government radios users with tried and true engineering concepts that delivery specific operational outcomes with realistic budget affordability.